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What kinds of businesses use Quick Timesheets?

Quick Timesheets is designed for professional consultants and services businesses who need to keep track of time for client billing or within organisational project teams.

Our customers include consulting companies, architecture and engineering firms, accounting departments, graphic design companies, IT support companies, Goverment departments and sole traders.

We support customers around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Can I try the software before I buy?

Yes, you can sign up to a free 30 day trial of any of our plans. You can also sign up to our Free plan which allows you to have up to two user licenses and log up to 100 hours/month.

If you're happy with Quick Timesheets and you want to enable more features, you can upgrade to one of our paid editions at any time.

Do my staff need a lot of training ?

Creating a time-entry is as simple as dragging a new entry onto the timesheet calendar. If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar then you should find it a familiar way to enter timesheets. You can set up clients, tasks and start logging time in only a few minutes.

What information can I track ?

Quick Timesheets allows you to track a lot of descriptive information for each time entry:

Quick Timesheets provides a flexible bulk tagging feature that lets you assign invoice numbers, flag approval, or add other such reference information to a list of time entries. This enables a flexible workflow for common tasks such as invoicing or approving logged hours within your business.

What browsers are supported ?

Most modern, standards compliant browsers are compatible with Quick Timesheets. We support Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

How good is your support ?

We believe in providing responsive, helpful support to all our customers. We will endeavour to respond to emails within 24 hours. If you an Enterprise plan and call us, you will either get an immediate response or be contacted with a solution as soon as possible. We do not outsource our support and provide all assistance in-house.

How easy it to extract my data ?

If you need to extract information from Quick Timesheets you can export time entries in CSV format. If you have enabled your API key, you can download all information in XML or JSON format via our API.

Is my data backed up in case of emergency ?

Data is backed up nightly and written to secure storage within minutes. Our cloud hosting providers are PCI DSS Level 1, and ISO 27001 compliant and deliver industry-recognized reliability and network security. In the very unlikely event of a major system failure, however, we can perform a recovery from full system backups as we securely store multiple copies of our systems and your data in distinct locations.

What is the minimum duration of a time entry ?

The minimum duration of a time entry is 15 minutes (ie: "10am to 10:15am"). For most consulting and professional service businesses we find that 15 minutes minimum increments are more than sufficient and simplifies accounting and time-keeping.

Can I import my existing timesheets ?

Depending on your existing data fields, you can import all or some of your timesheet data into Quick Timesheets using our API. Our API even supports the creation of clients and projects.

We can also provide assistance through our 3rd party integration support partners. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Is there a mobile version of Quick Timesheets ?

Yes! Quick Timesheets provides a mobile-friendly interface for our Professional and Enterprise customers. The mobile version supports iPhone, Android and other smartphone devices with a mobile web browser, and allows for timesheet entry, search and modification while on the go.

Can Quick Timesheets generate invoices ?

Our philosophy is that Quick Timesheets is a timesheet platform, not an accounting system. With this in mind, our professional plan provides a connector to Saasu accounting (see the next FAQ item). For other accounting systems such as MYOB we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Use the search tool to match time entries that you would like to invoice
  2. Create an invoice for the time in your existing accounting software
  3. Use the bulk tagging feature to record your accounting software's Invoice ID against the selected time

Because every business uses different accounting and project management software, we also provide an API to our Professional and Enterprise customers that provides the functionality needed to integrate Quick Timesheets into their existing systems.

How can I export invoices to Saasu ?

You can use our free Saasu connector to export time entries from QuickTimesheets directly into Saasu as Sales Invoices. You will need to enable web services in Saasu and enter your access key and file id into the settings in Quick Timesheets.
You can create invoices in Saasu in the following ways:

Once you have exported your time entries to Saasu, they will be automatically tagged wih the Saasu invoice ID. You can view a detailed walkthrough of exporting an invoice to Saasu in our Help area.

What permissions does Quick Timesheets have ?

Quick Timesheets has an easy to use permission system, which allows you to choose what actions your users can perform. By default, Quick Timesheets provides two kinds of user roles - Administrator and User.

The following permissions can be applied on a per-user basis:

From our experience this permission set is suitable for individual contractors, small project teams, and businesses of up to 100 employees. If your business requires additional permission sets please contact us.

Can Quick Timesheets calculate overtime ?

You can use Quick Timesheets to keep track of an employee's hours and calculate the overtime using your own methods. However, because the calculation of overtime is very specific to your industry, employment agreements, and workplace policies, we do not provide an in-built calculator.

Can Quick Timesheets manage rostering ?

Quick Timesheets is not designed to be a roster management tool. However you can schedule work by creating an entry type 'Scheduled' to differentiate time entries from completed work.

Can you develop a feature for me?

If you have an idea or a suggestion for Quick Timesheets, you can let us know through our Help website. Many feature requests can also be readily implemented via the Quick Timesheets API with assistance from our third-party integration support partners.

Got questions? If you can't find what you're looking for in this FAQ, then just ask us and we'll be happy to assist.