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From Thailand with love: Building Russia’s largest travel website

We love hearing from our customers, and this month we got in touch with JetRadar, one of Russia’s largest and fastest growing online travel companies. JetRadar’s mostly Russian marketing and development team are based on the island resort of Phuket in Thailand, with offices also in Hong Kong and Australia.

We caught up with Max Kraynov, JetRadar’s CEO who resides in Sydney, Australia and asked a few questions to learn more about how one of Russia’s largest travel website uses Quick Timesheets to help track time spent in their business.

What is JetRadar and how did you start out?

JetRadar (also known as AviaSales.ru in Russia) is a flights meta-search company, querying airlines and online travel agencies to find affordable airfares and cheap flights. We started the company in 2007; back in the day it was a blog listing airfare sales – surprisingly, it got a huge following among readers, and we implemented a simple search engine allowing people to find suitable offers. Then we started connecting travel agencies, then airlines via API – and now you can find tickets from most airlines from all around the world.


JetRadar’s Offices on the island resort of Phuket, Thailand

What do you use Quick Timesheets for?

QuickTimesheets helps us to keep track of tasks and instantly see how the effort is spread between the cool stuff (new development) and the necessary stuff (maintenance). It’s incredibly important to be able to find that moment in the life of a product when maintenance becomes too expensive, and a major rehaul is needed. Also, we capitalize certain bits of our software for accounting purposes, hence it’s important to capitalize just the right stuff, not everything.

What insights have you gained?

Using QuickTimesheets creates transparency around who accomplishes what; the team can make major decisions around who’s better suited to do certain bits of work. It doesn’t replace good project management, but greatly supplements it.

 What other cloud software do you use?

We use BambooHR for HR, Saasu for accounting, Highrise for CRM, Google Drive for backups and numerous monitoring systems for making sure all ducks are in a row all the time.

What do your staff do on a Friday afternoon?

Other than beers, we have mini-lectures for everyone who would listen about a variety of topics – ranging from sales to creative design. The usual attendance is 8-12 people (out of 80), which is just enough to have meaningful conversations. And then the enlightened team goes out to a nightclub.
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jetradar offices

Best office view ever? The view from JetRadar’s office in Thailand.

What’s the weirdest thing in your office?

The weirdest thing in our office is the telescope, which we use to spy on private parties on nearby boats (our office is on a shore of the Andaman Sea). Just kidding, we use it to gaze at the stars, of course. Actually, some outsiders fail to understand why our work days starts at 12pm; it’s simple: we encourage surfing and lots of our colleagues catch a wave or two in the morning.

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