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A Customer Case Study: GetBusi and R&D Tax Reporting

The team here at Quick Timesheets love knowing that we’re helping people track their times more efficiently and more conveniently  wherever they may be.

We recently asked one of our customers, GetBusi, about how they came to use Quick Timesheets and their rationale behind tracking time in their business for R&D reporting.


What is GetBusi all about?

Getbusi is a software development company that provides a range of highly scalable and flexible internet management appliances and software solutions to deliver internet security, filtering, monitoring and reporting.

The Business Imperative

Getbusi’s IT department effort is split between new development and maintaining the existing products.

A key issue for Getbusi has been to implement a management tool that better utilises resources and provides a financial reporting solution that can meet the rigorous reporting requirements for the company to claim the Australian Government’s R&D tax rebate.

Why did you choose Quick Timesheets?

To identify an appropriate solution we trialled a number of time recording packages. Key requirements were for a system that was easy to use, did not require additional system implementation and management resources, was cost effective and provided sufficient reporting and tracking capability to manage numerous projects independently.

As a result of our research and market testing, Getbusi implemented Quick Timesheets as its time recording and reporting system.

How GetBusi uses Quick Timesheets

We initially deployed Quick Timesheets to just record the new development activities for the R&D tax rebate but found it to be an invaluable tool to better utilise resources and subsequently rolled it out to the entire development team.

Quick Timesheets has allowed us to efficiently and effectively log hours spent on projects, enabling us to produce reports, summaries, invoices and critically for us track time to claim the R&D tax rebate.

Quick Timesheets also has the capability to export data to other software packages for further analysis and reporting. This includes exporting to Excel as part of our financial budgeting process as well as allowing us to graph and report on the information using other visual reporting packages.

Passing the “Audit Test”

A key test for QuickTimesheets was when we were selected for an Australian Taxation Office R&D audit. The audit process was made very simple as we had recorded and managed the required information in an accurate and an easily reported format through Quick Timesheets. The information passed all the Taxation Office’s rigorous reporting requirements and we were given a clean bill of health with no adjustments or changes required to our R&D rebate claim.

Ease of Use and Timely Support

Overall, Getbusi has found QuickTimesheets to be a very user-friendly application, where we can simply use a single sign-on (SSO) through our Google Apps account. The system is very easy to learn and very easy to customise.

As the solution is delivered as a Software as a Service  (SaaS) application from the cloud we have instant access to it anywhere. It has also meant that it is fully maintained without any additional hardware overhead or resource requirements from our own internal IT department.

Finding out more

You can learn more about GetBusi at www.getbusi.com.

Are you interested in our easy-to-use online timesheets? Visit our website at www.quicktimesheets.com, check out our comprehensive Feature Tour and get started for free.