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Featured Customer: Biarri

At Quick Timesheets, we love hearing from customers. It’s always interesting to discover what they get up to and how our software integrates with their business.

Ian approached one of our very innovative customers, Biarri, and they agreed to answer a few questions for us about their company culture, what they do and how they integrate Quick Timesheets and other cloud software solutions into their business.


What is Biarri and how did you start the company?

Biarri is a commercial mathematics business which Ash Nelson and Joe Forbes started to bring the power of mathematical optimisation and simulation to business in an accessible and simple way. We deliver smart planning and scheduling solutions in web based applications which are quick to deploy and easy to use.

What do you use Quick Timesheets for in your business?

We have a team of really great mathematics and computer science graduates and we use Quick Timesheets to track the time we spend on client projects and internal development tasks.  It allows us to accurately bill customers, track profitability and utilisation.
We chose Quick Timesheets because it is also an Australian SaaS application which was really easy to use.

What insights have you gained or benefits from using Quick Timesheets?

Quick Timesheets gives us a much better understanding of project profitability and team utilisation. It also means we can track annual leave and record hours worked for paying our casuals and students.

We also use it to support our R&D tax concession calculations.

What other cloud software solutions do you use in your business?

Biarri consciously chooses to use cloud based software tools as we deliver our maths based apps by the cloud – we thought it was important to walk the walk.

We also use SAASU as our accounting software (it is also great), Expensify for travel expenses,  Confluence and Jira from Atlassian and a number of cloud storage options including DropBox and Google Drive.

What does your business do on a Friday afternoon to unwind?

On Friday afternoon we enjoy having a few drinks while we catch up on the week. Lots of the team travel to customers out of town, so it is great chance to find out what everyone has been up to and cover weekend plans. We have a few craft and dark beer experts in the office and the music can range from Jay-Z to some cool bagpipes.

What’s the weirdest thing in your office?

We have a pretty low key office with trestle tables and bean bags.  The weirdest thing might be the floor to ceiling smiley face sticker, to remind us of one of our core values – honour.


You can learn more about Biarri at www.biarri.com.

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