Are you PTBB?

You see them all the time, quickly walking here, checking email there, texting between calls.  Colleagues like this look busy as heck, right? And it’s expected nowadays, that you’ll always be reachable, by email, text, chat and so on. But is it the way to achieve results, or is it just a syndrome I call PTBB (Pretending To Be Busy)?

How PTBB differs from just getting it done (GID).

PTBB: Sits down at desk and opens email
GID: Sits down at desk and opens

PTBB: Checking and responding to email all day.
GID: Allocates time to email-responding by treating it as a task

Are you PTBB?

PTBB: Crowds mind with 25 browser tabs open:

crowded mind tabs

GID: Clears mind by making the browser home page and closing tabs after use:


PDBB: Says yes to everything.
GID: Checks Quicktimesheets to see if time is available for the meeting or task:

Can do it friday

PTBB: Tries to remember all the things needed to do, forgets some, then panics as deadline approaches.
GID: Arranges tasks by using Entry Types to set/edit priority:

   entry types for priority


PTBB: Allows tasks and projects to drag on by getting bogged down in the details.
GID: Actively sets an end date for the project and pushes to deliver by that date.

Nothing assists creativity and pressure produces diamonds. It’s best if the pressure is internal (ie coming from you…rather than external ie coming from an angry client!)



The time constraint will push you to focus and be more efficient, even if you end up having to go back and add a bit more later.


PTBB: Rushes from one task to the next

 GID: Leave a buffer between tasks.  When we rush between tasks, it’s more difficult to stay focused. Take a moment to refresh and de-stress:



 The final tip to avoid PTBB:
Use your timesheet every day. Make it a habit.

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